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April 2013



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chocolate raisin muffins

chocolate raisin muffins

As soon as the temperatures get warmer, some people feel the need to clean their house/room/windows. Not me. Instead I’m going to start renovating this blog. This month I have been blogging for 6 years! And I have been vegan for the same time. I started this blog to teach myself vegan cooking and baking and I learned a lot during these years. My cooking style changed quite a bit and I improved my skills. But I didn’t do this alone. I had a lot of help. Over the years the vegan community has grown and vegan cookbook authors and bloggers have discovered new ingredients or invented new techniques that made vegan cooking even more interesting every day. I did benefit from all of this. My photography skills also did improve. Only recently I started to really care for my pictures and I am trying to take better photos of my food. This means that there is a lot of stuff on my blog that I am not satisfied with anymore. And I feel like there is way too much stuff on my blog. I need to declutter! I am going to change some pictures, revise recipes and take others down. Don’t hate me. I’ll save everything I take down and you can always contact me if you’d like a specific recipe back. (Or just save them to your computer now. Most of them are still there.)

The muffins above are chocolate raisin muffins that already got revamped. In saw that someone had pinned the recipe to pinterest and I was very embarrassed by my ugly picture. The recipe also seemed complicated and so I updated both the recipe and the picture. They make a great snack and I froze most of them for a hungry toddler emergency. (That happens often!)

On another note: I have been avoiding most social media sites for a couple of month. I think I am ready to be back now and if you want to follow this blog on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc., you can find the links on the sidebar!


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