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April 2013



I want Spring!

In my last blog post I said something like “See you next year!” and now the next year is already over four months old. Well, this year winter has been long and we, like many other people around us, have been sick. A lot. Or were stuck at home with a sick toddler. Who probably brought most of those funny new germs home from day care. I always thought I had a pretty good immune system. I admit, I even bought a little bit into the myth that vegans have better health than others. Well, turns out that mostly working from home and not having a toddler as part of the family might have been the key to my health, ha. Anyway, I think we are over it now. I think what felt like the longest winter ever is finally over. I am so ready for spring.

Maybe you have browsed the bookshelves lately and come across the new book by Celine Steen and Tami Noyes: Whole Grain Vegan Baking. Since I really, really love baking I was so glad I could be a tester for this book. I loved the unique recipes and the idea to use not only whole wheat flour but also many other ones. I have a couple of tester pictures on my computer and plan to do a review in a couple of days. In the meantime I’d like to share some pictures I took while testing for Celine’s and Tami’s new book on finger foods. This book is going to include some really amazing recipes as well. And it is very, very toddler friendly. I mean, if your toddler eats more than plain pasta and vegan fish sticks. F. loves everything except pasta. So when we were stuck at home being sick and didn’t know what to cook, we whipped up some finger foods. (And yes, she ate everything. Not only those cookies.) I tell you, those recipes saved our days. But enough babbling, here are the pictures!

Three Spice Snickerdoodles:


Muhammara Pit-za Wedges:


Roonilla Cookies:

roonilla cookies

Marinated Mushrooms:


Mushroom Toasties:


PB & J Tartlets:


Harissa Carrot Zucchini Cups:


Twisted Breadsticks:


Corn Fritters:


Lemon Fennel Savoury Scones:


Stuffed Bagels:



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